The Strivewell facility is a sight to behold.

Your Accommodations at Strivewell

The Strivewell facility is a sight to behold. The stunning exterior and interior architecture evoke the grandeur of an era gone by. The exceptionally wide corridors, majestic, tall ceilings and elaborate woodwork impart a sense of luxury and comfort. Our rooms are all beautifully decorated and appointed, with an elegant homelike touch.

Dining at Strivewell

Strivewell’s spacious, airy dining hall has a delightful ambiance that enhances the dining experience. Our culinary staff takes great pride in preparing delicious, health-conscious meals and serving them with a most appetizing presentation. Even picky eaters seem to develop very hearty appetites at mealtime! Our registered dietician reviews each patient’s dietary needs upon admission and customizes meals accordingly. Since different individuals have different tastes, we offer alternative options at each meal.

Recreation at Strivewell

At Strivewell, we believe that carefully planned recreational programs can play an important role in our patients’ health and wellbeing. We designed the varied schedule of activities to promote social interaction and physical fitness.

Our patients and residents comprise a wide spectrum of capabilities and recreational needs. Our activities schedule reflects this diversity, by offering a variety of simultaneous options to accommodate different preferences and needs.

A broad selection of group activities, crafts, entertainment and intellectual pursuits is offered at Strivewell, including:

We encourage residents to engage in outdoor activities as much as possible. They enjoy frequent trips and outings, including: